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Folk Dancing - has been around for hundreds of years. Ever changing but with a great tradition and tremendous fun. It is an enjoyable and sociable activity that is growing in popularity. We hope you become part of it.

At Weston Folk Dance Club we include a wide variety of styles of dance. If you fancy traditional English Dances, or those with a Scottish flavour, or even modern American square and contra dances then we have something for you. The dances can be simple and straightforward as in Barn Dancing, or quite complex and challenging - with a whole range of levels in between.

Beginners are most welcome and will soon find that they are getting to grips with the different dances and the "strange" calls such as Hey, Flutter Wheels, Gipsy and Ladies Chain. Each dance is walked through first and the Caller will then 'call" instructions during the dance.

If you have ever enjoyed a Barn Dance then why not come and join us. Folk Dancing is great fun and a very reasonably priced evening out, while also helping to preserve an important heritage.

Club Nights - We meet every Tuesday evening from September to July.
The venue is Corpus Christi Church Hall, Ellenborough Rd South
The times are 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
There are different callers each week - either a Club Member or a guest.
Some evenings we dance to live music, other callers will use recorded music.

Just come along and you will be made very welcome
Ring Roy Sadler on 01934 514226 for details

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